LCHS Class of 2016 Meghan C. :: Eagle River, Alaska Senior Photographer

The best part of working with high school seniors is getting to know these gals-and spending time learning about what makes them truly happy.

Meghan is just happy all the time. Literally. Happiest person I have met this year. Her smile is contagious, her laugh infectious, and the world needs more people like Meghan.Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 3She told me she is a HUGE book lover so I said BRING ALL THE BOOKS! Well, be careful what you wish for because next thing you know we are shleping boxes..upon boxes…upon boxes…of books into the woods. But for Harry Potter? Anything!Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 4Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 2Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 1Meghan is also super into sports. Did I mention SUPER. Like how does she even have time to eat? Or sleep? And be so happy? I just want to bottle it all up!Alaska Senior PhotographerMeghan, you have an incredibly bright future ahead of you! Good luck on your senior year and thank you for allowing Dashing Life to be a part of it!