CHS Class of 2016 Kirsten W. :: Eagle River, Alaska Senior Photographer

What a year for seniors! The Class of 2016 has some serious smart cookies in it!

Meet Chugiak High’s Class of 2016, Kirsten W! (TECHNICALLY she is spending her senior year in Vermont but we will go into that later)….Eagle River Alaska Senior PhotographerLook at that smile! As a proud member of the braces club I always appreciate a good set of chompers. Not only is she super pretty, but she is super ambitious, FUNNY, and just the sweetest gal ever. I know all of her friends and family would agree to this.Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 2Alaskan girls love their Xtra Tuffs. And so do I! I think Alaskan teens are super fun-I mean, where else are these boots so widely loved as here? I would insert some of the outakes of Kirsten attempting to give me “kicking the water action shots” but I will save those for black mail one day when she is a big shot woman hockey player. What? I know-I’m getting to that part….Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 6Does she take a single bad picture? I have a gallery set of near 50 images that proves she does not.Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 4Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 9Most of you that have worked with me have heard/witnessed the craziness that comes with that “hold your dog and look cute” shot. Not Max. Max is seriously the most chill dog, ever. I’ll gladly let him come along to any session he wants! Want a dog in your family shoot? Max will be there! (I’m kidding. Your spazzy dog will have to do)Dashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 5So hockey. Hockey is a HUGE part of Kirsten’s life. So much so that she is spending her entire senior year at a school on the East Coast to play. That’s no basic stuff, people. She is killer on the ice. I wanted to capture her personality a bit differently. I wanted to show you that Kirsten may LOOK sweet, but she is pretty much a bad ass once she hits that rink. This is the stuff little girls dream of.Alaska Senior PicturesDashing Life Photography Alaska Senior Pictures 1Kirsten, you rock! I am so honored that you choose Dashing Life to be a part of your senior year!