The Stepetin Family :: Eagle River Anchorage Alaska Photographer

What a crappy day of sun/rain/sun. School begins here in Eagle River Monday (YAY!!)  and the State Fair begins next week. That can only mean one thing…summer is coming to an end, my friends.

We did have a few days of summer though and when we did-it was GLORIOUS! I mean so glorious it even makes you forget about the crappy days. Alaska has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?

Brandy and her crew met me on one of those rare summer days and it was AH-MAZing.Alaska PhotographerI have been photographing these kids for years and they are getting so big now!No child was dropped in the making of this image. I swear!Alaska PhotographerIt turns out he had never had a sucker before. Ever. Like in his life. So I screwed up there BUT we totally became best friends because of it. I mean BFF FOR LIFE!


Connor Turns 1! :: Eagle River Anchorage Alaska Photographer

A year goes by so quickly. Alot can happen in a year-this year the Cubs even won the World Series! How crazy is that?

Connor turned 1 recently and it was great seeing how much this little guy grew! That hair!Alaska Family PicsConnor and his buddy, Ceasar. One of the most photogenic dogs ever.ALaska Family PicsMax and his son defying gravity on a mountain cliff. (not really)Alaska Family PicsQuick outfit change at the end of the session and he was all “peace out, mateys!”.Happy 1st birthday, Connor!

Britany & Lance are Having a Baby! :: Eagle River Anchorage Alaska Photographer

Don’t we all have that ONE friend that looks so damn adorable when pregnant? That’s Britany. She’s so cute-pregnant, not pregnant….almost falling asleep on my couch at the studio..

She is totally rocking this pregnancy thing and is expecting her first son in just a few short weeks.Now let’s be honest….husbands aren’t a huge fan of getting their pictures taken. Lance is no exception. He plays along with when I ask him to and, for that, I adore him!

These two are going to make one hell of a good looking baby.

I can’t wait to meet their baby in just a few short weeks!

Natalie & Nate :: Eagle River Anchorage Alaska Photographer

Normally I am completely off on Mondays. I like to go to Costco when it’s quiet, run my errands while everyone is at work..that sort of thing. This gloomy and gross Monday had me in an editing mood though. I mean really-this summer has not been super great on the weather front! You know what was great today? The Costco samples. I mean it was a complete lunch today. Score!

You know what else is great? Two kids coming into the studio full of smiles and good moods!

Natalie came in for her 6 month watch me grow milestone session. Look at this adorable little baby!!Her shoes though.Big brother Nate is my bruh. I’ve been photographing him since he was born so he’s use to it and turns on the charm for me like a pro. Plus, he thinks that I am funny.These are the type of sibling photos that make my momma heart melt.Natalie and her toothless grin. Pretty soon she will have some teeth and this smile will change. These milestones sessions are so special for capturing these things.Sweet girl I will see you later this year!

Sophia Turns 10 :: Eagle River Anchorage, Alaska Photographer

Sophia turned 10 this year! A photo session was the perfect way to celebrate turning those double digits!She was born to sparkle!Happy 10th birthday, sweet Sophia!